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Welcome to "Le Dodo Palmé" !

Located on Reunion island in the city of Le Port, at the marina of Port Ouest, The Dodo Palmé is a commercial structure opened since 2004.

Ideally based, the scuba-diving centre has an easy and free parking area, nearby the basin where our boat is moored.

The structure has received the "Qualité tourisme Île de La Réunion" label. Our commitments are a quality welcome in a pleasant setting, and the divers' safety. We are also concerned by the preservation of the marine environment : the Dodo Palmé is a member of the Longitude 181 association and cooperates with Tendua association during the Whales' watching season. You will share a Sea experience in a nice atmosphere and friendliness !

Our services are offered to:

- sea professionals (air/nitrox inflation, etc.)

- individuals who want to discover or re-discover the activity of scuba diving in a secure environment.

Services and prices.

Our Diving Activities.

We offer a whole range of activities: snorkelling with cetaceans (depending on the season), first dives, exploration's dives, training, double-tanks' dives and boat licenses. Dive spots are located between the Bay of La Possession and the entrance of Saint-Leu, inside and outside the Reunion Marine reserve. You can find all of our dive spots here.



For adults and children.


55€ for children (-12 years old).

  • Secure environment.
  • Duration: 4h, First Dive: 30 min.
  • Equipment included.
  • From the age of 8.

Are you interested in scuba diving ? First dive is an initiation to scuba-diving. Accessible from 8 years old. It is not necessary to know how to swim ! Come and discover the underwater environment of Reunion Island in the 0-6 meters deep zone. You will be individually accompanied by a certified instructor for about 30 minutes.

Underwater Exploration.

You are certified at least CMAS level 1 or equivalent, come and explore the seabed of Reunion Island. Here is what we offer: from simple diving to packages of 3, 10, 20 dives. It's up to you !

Level 1 min.


With an instructor and with
your own equipment


From 12 years old.

  • 3 dives package: 132€.
  • 10 dives package: 410€.
  • 20 dives package: 760€.
  • Duration: 3h30.

You are a certified CMAS level 1 diver (or equivalent) with your own equipment (wetsuit, fins, mask, BCD and regulator).

Level 2 min.


Autonomous diver with
your own equipment



  • 3 dives package: 111€.
  • 10 dives package: 340€.
  • 20 dives package: 620€.
  • Duration: 3h30.

You are a certified CMAS level 2 diver (or equivalent) with his own equipment (wetsuit, fins, mask, BCD, regulators, computer and deco stop buoy).

Other equipment Supplement



5 €

Sea Flare

10 €

Nitrox Supplement 32%

10 €

Nitrox Supplement 40%

12 €

Deco Nitrox Supplement

10 €


Level 1 min.


With an instructor and with
the dive centre equipment


From 12 years old.

  • 3 dives package: 150€.
  • 10 dives package: 470€.
  • 20 dives package: 860€.
  • Duration: 3h30.

You are a certified CMAS level 1 diver (or equivalent) with no diving equipment, you need the equipment provided by the diving centre.

Level 2 min.


Autonomous diverwith the
dive centre equipment



  • 3 dives package: 129€.
  • 10 dives package: 400€.
  • 20 dives package: 740€.
  • Duration: 3h30.

You are a certified CMAS level 2 diver at least (or equivalent), without diving equipment. You need the equipment provided by the diving centre.

Sea excursion for Cetacean sighting & possible swimming with Cetaceans.
For All

Sea excursion

For Cetacean sighting


Adult or Child.

  • Secure environment.
  • Equipment included.
  • Depending on the period (July to October).
  • Duration: 3h30.
Consult us

You will be equipped with fins, mask, snorkel and wetsuit, You are accompanied by our professional team. Come and encounter marine mammals !

Every year, from July to October, humpback whales arrive near the Reunion coasts. After a long journey from Antarctica, the whales come to mate and give birth in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. A migratory flow that goes up along the South African coasts and a second one that takes the direction of Madagascar, Mauritius and... Reunion.

In order to meet them, we offer snorkelling, mask and flipper excursions (departure by boat from Le Port for a duration of approximately 3h30), supervised by recreational diving professionals (State-certified instructor) and by volunteers from the TENDUA association for the preservation of biodiversity.

These volunteers, from diverse backgrounds, share the same respect for wildlife; they are passionate and will answer your questions about the Cetaceans’ life and conservation issues. At the end of the sea excursion, you will understand the importance of preserving these magnificent marine mammals !

Information Request
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Do not hesitate to contact us for a request for information or for a quote.

Adress: Le Dodo Palmé,1 rue Berthier, 97420 LE PORT.

Telephone contact: (+262) 0692 77 60 71

By email: contact@dodopalme.com

Facebook: ledodopalme

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Opening time

Tuesday to Sunday with a telephone service on Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the other days from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.